Instructions for E-poster Presentations
Instructions for presenters of e-posters
What is an e-poster?
An e-poster is an electronic poster displayed on computer screens instead of printed on paper as a traditional poster.
How is my e-poster being displayed?
All e-posters will be available for viewing at e-poster stations at the Conference Venue and also on the Conference website.
How can I upload my e-poster?
E-posters should be uploaded before the Conference. Please upload your e-poster via the online form (the on-line form will be available on May 15, 2019).
Authors' contact e-mail
If you wish to be contacted by audience interested in your e-poster, please include your contact e-mail address in the e-poster.
A PowerPoint slide template
  • Please prepare your e-poster using a PowerPoint slide template that is available here. Save the final e-poster as a PDF file.
  • Only e-posters in PDF format prepared using the template are accepted.
  • Screen size is 52 x 66 cm (width x height). e-Poster has to be compliant with this size - width of the document is adjusted to the screen width (it is recommended to setup width of the document to 52 cm), height of the document is arbitrary, e-Poster is scrollable.
  • Recommended minimum font size is 18-20 points regarding document in width of 52 cm.
  • Zoom function is implemented, therefore any detail such image or chart can be zoomed in.
  • In case of use of photographs, the author must have an approval from the patient(s).
  • The information provided is a full responsibility of the author.
  • The size of the PDF file should not be bigger than 5 MB.
Deadline for uploading e-posters
Deadline: June 15, 2019
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